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Life has texture. Dress for it.

Mesmorized, hypnotized and totally inspired by The Sartorialist!

By calicocobuble · November 27, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I've heard about The Sartorialist, read about The Sartorialist but never visited The Sartorialist. And now that I have.... I think that I am absolutely most probably living on another planet that I hadn't till now. In the last 3 days that I have discovered this amazing inspirationalist, I have spent HOURS scrolling through the pictures, most of the time with my mouth wide open.

<p><img src="https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/files/2010/11/47/6/1123/11239627/6c05d68ead8cf5d5_sartmen.jpg" class="inline </p>


The photographs are clear, crisp and so real. You can feel the subjects emotions, happiness, mystery. And although we all know that Europeans are better dressed than the average American Joe, I have never really actually seen the way the everyday European dresses.

<p>"><img src="https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/files/2010/11/47/6/1123/11239627/9382bb292709e185_sartorialist.jpg" class="inline</p>

The men are crisply casual and tailored to perfection, the women break rules and boundaries, unveiling a whole new way of dressing. I wasn't sure whether to scratch my head at the use of a worn belt as a jacket holder, or to run to my closet and start emulating these amazing individuals.

I can definitely tell you that this site is on my bookmarks bar, not only for sheer interest at what Mr. Sartorialist will shoot next, but for a happy lift, a breathtaking moment in modern time and most importantly for inspiration. I am obsessed.


By calicocobuble · November 25, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

The holidays are here and its time to pull out the big guns. Family and friend parties and feasts calls for snatching up this seasons hottest items so that you can make your grand entrance. You want all eyes on you, so have these key pieces in your closet, and you're good to go for all of your holiday soirees!

It's not the holidays without some sparkle, and sequins is your go-to trend. Unlike last years body hugging pieces, this time its all about the loose and effortless. A long sleeve, high neck burnt out piece is the perfect way to say sexy without over revealing. Or if you prefer, sequin slouchy pants will also fabulously set you apart from the crowd.
Dont forget embelishments! A sparkly statement necklace will be like a halo for your face. Get glowing in a more structured modern piece like this necklace by Rodrigo Otazu.
Create your own winter wonderland with the perfect winter accessories: feathers. A feather hairpiece will not only place you at the front lines of fashion, but will attract positive gazes in your direction.
Lovely lace is no news to most knowing fashionistas so you can bet that a pair of lace gloves will keep you warm and glamorous.
Another way to stay warm is a fur coat. Dont be put off by this super pricey shearling fur number by Halston. The most surprising trend is faux fur, and almost every retailer carries them in every price from $20 and up.
Velvet jewel tones. Did I say the magic words? Thats right, those two combinations are one of the most coveted styles. This amazing bag by Juicy Couture will run you less that $200! And it is oh so romantic from the ochre yellow rich shade to the oversize bow and quilted luxe velvet.
Splashes of red have been seen everywhere and the best way to incoorporate this bold look is to add a scarf! Cashmere is always a winner so get toasty and do it in style.
Every year there is the IT pair of shades and this time its the cat eye. Subtly seducive and authentically glam, the classic cat eye has been modernized for the urban princess.
I save the best for last. Shoes! The two hottest trends are a glittered pump that was made for the holidays, and the leopard bootie which are gracing fashionista pedicures world wide.

So this month when you are shopping for your loved ones, dont forget to add these items to your list. A girl needs to treat herself sometimes, and this is the perfect timing! Happy Holidays.

Lanvin for H&M

By calicocobuble · November 24, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Did you go to H&M last weekend to snatch up some coveted Lanvin pieces? Did you like the collection? Was it worth the wait and prices? Let me know, I want to know your thoughts.

Stylistas Quote of the Day

By calicocobuble · November 24, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months"

<p>Oscar Wilde

The Stylistas Gift Guide

By calicocobuble · November 24, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

That time of year is here again, when all is cozy with cheer
The time to give a special gift to those you love so dear.
But oh the choices, it's all too much, What ever will it be?
For a stylista must give a fabulous gift, dont you all agree?
The perfect present for that stylish friend, that wants whats in right now.
Something shiny, pretty and new, something that'll wow.
Well dont fret my chic friend, no need to panic,for I have just the list,
I've gathered some of my favorite things that Im sure you wont resist.
Lets start with warmth, what the holidays are about, something soft and luxe.
A cashmere sweater can never go wrong, and feels like a million bucks.
Or what about some fabulous slippers to toast those pedicured toes
Ballet style with a pom pom of fur for lounging in style suppose?
But dont forget those nails that are filed and buffed, a glossy color they crave,
Nars nail set in the perfect four shades will result in a fashionable wave.
And under her new done up nails an accoutrement she will clutch.
A Marc by Marc Jacobs ostrich like bag, she'll thank you very much.
The biggest trend by far, is animal print galore,
So what about a chic ipod cover or tin candle your friend will adore?
A chilly winter is never complete without a good book to read.
And The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Dior is the perfect one indeed.
Jewelry never fails to excite, and the hippest girls sure know
That a pair of earrings by House of Harlow will make your girlfriend glow.
This season is all about the eyes, and a palette every girl can use.
Shimmery basics from Bobby Brown a gal will never refuse.
And after shes dressed in her fabulous new gifts, right before heading out the door,
A spritz of Guccis Guilt perfume, the finishing touch for sure.
A handful of gifts that anyone would want, hope this list helps you out
Love, happiness, joy and thanks, because thats what the holidays are about.

Sophisticated 70's

By calicocobuble · November 20, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

In this seasons Vogue magazine, Tom Ford, formally known for his razor edged sexy styles sent down Guccis runways back in the day, has emerged once again, this time featured in the glossy pages of the magazine for his meticulously yet stress free new designed collection that screams or more accurately sensually speaks, 70s luxe. To try to explain to you how amazing his designs are, let me just say, he hit it on the gleaming nail! A line of carefully chosen models, whome he had in mind when designing his pieces stand tall and powerful with hand on their hips and strong gazes under dark shaddowed eyes that represents exactly where fashion is right now. The 70's vibe is in full swing. Not the fringe, studded and hippie side of the 70's. No. This is way more defined, much more sophisticated and the fabrics are not those that you'd toss on your bedroom floor. Clean, streamlined coats, wide legged trousers, rich billowy blouses, and grown up sophisticated prints are just some of the coveted trends that Ford has captured so well. Focusing on the cuts, sillhouettes and colors rather on the embellishments is what makes these looks so luxe yet so wearable. Think again if you pass these styles for the older generations. Flowing trousers have been seen in soft dark and medium washed denims by designers, that paired with vintage tee and tan wedge sandals is the perfect interpretation for a young fashionista who desires the of-the-moment look. Luxurious silks and satins drenched in studio 54 worthy shades of grape and mustard drape seamlessly across hips and shoulders. Prints that differ from the micros and massives settles on just right consistent patterns that adorn smarter pieces like the trouser and blouse. And as for the sparkle you crave? Dip in to the array of guilded accoutrements like polished gold oversize chain necklaces and bracelets, uber modern glossy cuffs- some stamped with holiday-esque broaches, and silky smooth large pearls occassionally entwined with disco worthy sparkle chains or baubles.
This holiday season, ditch your micro minis for head turning statuesque like flowing trousers and dresses. And dont forget the the 70's swing, and powerful gaze.

Morning Glory

By calicocobuble · November 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

There is something about the early morning that captures my soul like nothing else. The time, really early when I peel open my eyes and a fresh clean light re-enters my world. Not yet ready to move a muscle, I lay still on my side and look at the closet mirror door infront of me. My face is still plumply swollen from a good nights sleep; young, fresh, pure. My hair, a gorgeous mess, wishing it could always be that crazy beautiful, all of a sudden I understand what they say when they mean, sexy-rolled-out-of-bed hair. A thin sheer whisp of cool breeze graces over my warm skin from the window above. I can literally hear the silence of morning air. And the soft breath of the one I love laying next to me. Silence is not golden, I'd say its more of a matte shimmery silver. The occassional plane goes by and leaves a soft rumbling of clouds even after its miles away. The smell of dew is better than the smell of coffee in the morning, and thats alot to say coming from the girl who needs her cup of joe before she can attempt to conquer the world. Birds are chirping litterally, and everything seems so possible. Motivations are blooming. Many options of what to do today flutter up in front of me like animated hearts, and I feel like I can do all of them. Of course that would mean starting with a fabulous breakfast. Thinking. The image of cracked egg shells and a dust of flour on the counter comes to mind. Pancakes. Waffles maybe. Early morning is a book full of clean, crisp white blank pages, ready to be filled. The glory of morning. I love it.

Color Mix: Ochre & Plum

By calicocobuble · November 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Dont confuse this with the Lakers' yellow and purple. This color mix is way richer and I'm loving it. Perfect for fall and winters jewel tone trend, combining a rich mustardy or deep canary yellow with a saturated plum results in concoting the perfect mix of modern luxe and royalty. There is a little room to play with the shades so feel free to chose one that benefits your skin tone. For the yellow, go for mustards and ochres, nothing too neon or bright. When choosing a purple, you have a bigger playground. Plums, eggplants and even deep cranberries work great. Its best to opt for one of these colors as your base and use the others for accessories. If you do 2 pieces instead of a dress, my opinion would be using 2 shades of either the yellow or purple. For example a cranberry blouse with a skirt the color of eggplant and then accessorizing with your yellow, or vice versa. This color mix can be crafted for day or night so get creative and be fabulous.

Drawing Fashion Exhibit

By calicocobuble · October 30, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Beginning on November 3rd Londons Design Museum will be introducing a new exhibit called "Drawing Fashion". Showcasing fashion sketches by top designers from the turn of the century, this a must see if you are in London. Original works from Chanel, Dior, Alexander McQueen and more will be displayed along side film clips, news reels, music and photography "to reflect not only the spirit and the style of the decades but also the wider social and cultural changes of the century" states the museums website.

Citrus Fresh

By calicocobuble · October 24, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I know its not Spring yet, but I cant help but leak out what my fave color combo for next season is...Crisp white and neon yellow! While I am enjoying rolling around in lush furs and sparkling jewel tones this season, slipping into these new cool colors feels like stripping away all of the winter weight and getting a refreshing burst of clean air! And although spring is all about blossoming flowers and feminine details, this look shouldn't be too frilly. The idea here is clean crisp lines. Think Calvin Klein or Akris, both geniuses of minimalism. Look for sharp tailoring, strong details like zippers and contrast piping, or nakedly chic in a pillar piece. Just make sure not to over do the look. Remember, minimalism is key, so your accessories should be clean too. But if you opt for a completely white base its ok to throw in a printed neon scarf. You'd be surprised how much you can play with such limitations, so get ready to splash into citrus fresh!